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Church Mexico

A New Testament Church Planting Initiative ~ Being & Making Disciples Who Plant Autonomous Churches To Extend The Kingdom Of God

Updates Here!

Updates Here!

Dental Clinic... Ready!

Posted by DBPower on October 8, 2017 at 3:15 PM

Mike and Emanuel have succesfully installed the Air Compressor and Suction Device for the Dental Clinic and they are functioning!!!  We have been doing general medical clinics and pregnancy center meetings, now we are ready for the Teeth.  Basic physical ailments, pregnant women and newborns, dental issues and vision issues that are often very easy treatable are often neglected in impovershed areas around the globe.  The result is not only that there is suffering, but these easily treatable issues can often be resolved with little investment by professionals working in these areas.  

Our purpose is not only to meet the immediately medical/physical need, but to shre the gosple and pray with Every Single Person that comes in to be treated.  It is leaders from the Church in San Luis who do this before the medical professionals are seen, but they always have younger/newer believers from the local Church who are observing and learning from their examples. After several experiences, the leader then stays with the other person who is being discipled, and they are then given the opportunity to share the gospel and pray for those who are seeking care.  This has been a very inspiring and encouraging and effective manner as we seek to be discipled so we can make disciples to extend the kingdom of God in this area of the world... 

We hae a general medical clinic scheduled for October 16-21, and the first Dental Clinic scheduled for November 2-5th - please pray for those who are coming to serve alongside of us, for those in the Church who are doing the work of the ministry, and especially for those whom the Lord would draw near to Himself!  If you are interested in assisting us in some manner with this work, please let us know.  Thank You for your prayers and your love and your support - God Bless You!

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