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Church Mexico

A New Testament Church Planting Initiative ~ Being & Making Disciples Who Plant Autonomous Churches To Extend The Kingdom Of God

Updates Here!

Updates Here!

Jesus said, "Go...and Make Disciples"

Posted by DBPower on October 8, 2017 at 3:10 PM

So, I wrote some time ago about the difference between asking and expecting God to fulfill our dreams, with God giving us dreams for His Glory according His will and His purposes...   Well, one of the dreams we have is to own a Motor Home to travel in and Proclaim and Demonstrate the Love, Word and Power of Jesus so that multitudes of People's Lives are Changed Now, Continually and Forever! (the photo is an example of one that might work)

Our other purpose as Church Mexico is to be Disciples who Make Disciples that plant autonomous Churches to extend the Kingdom of God.  We see in the Scriptures that Jesus traveled quite a bit with His disciples, both modeling and instructing them how to minister to other, and then having them practice what he showed and told them.  That is our desire.  

We are certainly accomplishing this here in San Luis Rio Colorado, but we are ready to take the Church to the people in other parts of Mexico...   This is a way we can do it that will require much less finances for food and housing, as we can sleep in the motorhome and purchase food at discounted prices in supermarkets and cook our own food inside the motorhome.  Please pray that the Lord would make the dreams He gives us for His purposes come true...   Thank You, God Bless You!

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