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Church Mexico

A New Testament Church Planting Initiative ~ Being & Making Disciples Who Plant Autonomous Churches To Extend The Kingdom Of God

Updates Here!

Updates Here!

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Holding Fast...

Posted by DBPower on June 6, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (239)

Just got home from a long and slow day working on the public wash rooms at the community/training/worship center. Right before I left, I was hot and tired and had just burnt my hand for the second time grabbing one of the tools when I unhappily prayed, "God, why am I spending so much of my life building this oversized bathroom?!"  God didn't take long to answer my whining...  As soon as I left the work area, one of the little boys that goes to the services stopped me. (i can hardly write due to the emotions) While looking down at his clothes and motioning with his hand He says to me in Spanish, "Pastor, Pastor. Look. I just took a shower so I can go to Church tonight."  It hit me so hard...

You see, this isn't just any little kid; this is one brother who has 5 other young siblings who go to services every week. They're mom doesn't go, and dad's not in the picture. Every service they cause problems as they don't know how to behave, nor interact properly with other kids because nobody's taught them. They run around every day in the streets with dirty clothes, dirty faces, dirty bodies, and often times with no shoes. The fact is their mom doesn't seem to care for them (she is able). So, we've been working with them every service and at Saturdays breakfast where we feed kids at the center. We've been patient. They're learning; they're changing, even though it's tough for them, and for us. But their lives are being changed...  They are being loved.

Anyway, my selfish and disappointing cry to God about a little work and a little heat immediately went away when this little guy came to me and said that he had taken a shower so he could go to Church. I can't explain the feeling. But God reminded me that this whole work was His dream, and He just happened to reveal it to us, and by His grace is allowing us to be the laborers and partakers in this work.  These public washrooms, and everything else at the center is for this little guy, his brothers and sisters, and for all the others who live in this area in similar circumstances.  He showed me again that I doubt too much, and must hold fast to that which He has called us to do.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support...

Pressing On,


Church Mexico

PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349

New Work... Advancing the Gospel!

Posted by DBPower on March 22, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (94)

We've been really blessed by a sweet couple from Puerta Penasco.  Why?  Because they've allowed us to use a property that already has a building on it in another part of San Luis to further the gospel message and Kingdom work as we continue to fulfill our Mission:  Proclaiming and Demonstrating Jesus' Love, Word and Power so that Multitudes of People's Lives are Changed Now, Continually and Forever!

Today we cleaned up around the building and in the street, gave away over 40 plates of hot food with meat, potatoes, vegetables and spanish rice, and we gave away 19 pairs of shoes.  More importantly, we got to personally share the gospel message using the Word of God with 7 people who were interested in hearing, prayed for 15 people who accepted the offer, and several folks expressed desire to seek God and also go to Church.

Two other points of interest: 1) We've never done any ministry in this area before, so all persons we were able to touch were new to us, and most new to hearing the Gospel.  2) The folks in the Church did almost all the ministry to our new friends in this new area.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Rigo and Gloria, thank all of you who have given us shoes to bless others with, thank all of you who support the work of the ministry financially that allows us to purchase the food and supplies to give to hungry people, and thank every one of you who pray for us and encourage us to keep up this work.  God Bless You!  (p.s. - have just added a few photos of the day; just click on Photo Gallery at the top of the web page)

Pressing On,


PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349


Excitement is in the Air!

Posted by DBPower on October 25, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (171)

My friends who make up the Church at San Luis have become used to me leading them, and they've said at times they've been challenged to keep up.  Well, things have changed...  Now, I'm Tired!  And why???  Because they are so excited about getting the new Community Center/Worship Center/Training Center built!

As soon as the Church learned that we received the building permit, they couldn't wait to get started, though we didn't have any money. So, they decided almost immediately after hearing the news, they were going to have a barbecue to raise money to purchase supplies to get started.  That's what I've been working on all week - getting ready for tomorrow's barbecue.  A little worn, but so blessed.

So blessed to see these guys taking the initiative and doing what they can. I'm thinking about the lady who put in her last few coins when that was all she had to give, and how Jesus pointed out how great she was in the Kingdom. By the looks of things, there's at least a few great ones in the Kingdom serving right here in San Luis...  Yes, so blessed!

Thank you for considering to help out by sending financial support and/or by coming down to help build once we get some funds. This continues to be a great work and more and more people's lives are being changed, Forever!  

Pressing On,


Church Mexico

PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349


Ready, Set, __ __!!!

Posted by DBPower on October 20, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (97)

Wow. I don't think I've breathed that deep of a breathe in a long time...

After preaching outside in the elements, and praying with people and worshiping the Lord outdoors since we started ministering here in the Sonoran desert, I am very, very glad to announce: We just received the building permit to start building the Community Center, Worship Center, and Discipleship Training Center!

It indeed has been a long road that led us up to this point.  In fact, prior to writing this update, I reviewed a previous post I had made back in May of 2013 - that was the letter I wrote announcing that we had just submitted the plans to the city; and those plans that were submitted in May came months after meeting and working with some great friends who helped us to design the facilities.  Yes, I understand why and where that deep breathe came from...

There is something about serving the Lord, sacrificing, and following the Holy Spirit that seems to tire the body but revive the soul.  There's nothing in the world like it.

I'm thinking of farmer friends of mine who work long, hard hours knowing that they won't see any fruit for many long months, yet they sow in faith. I'm thinking of a verse in Scripture that reads, "Those who put their hands to the plow and then look back are not fit for the Kingdom of God." (Lucas 9:62)  I'm thinking about the Apostle Paul when he wrote to the believers in Philippi, "This one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on with all my might toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Filipenses 3:13-14)

I've made many mistakes and fallen short again and again, yet I can humbly say that my family has served, sacrificed, followed the Spirit and sown in faith - and it is satisfying for sure.  However, there's much work to be done, and we must press on...

We must continue this work. We must continue to trust God. We must continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and His Word. We must continue to preach Jesus. We must continue to make disciples out of those whom God is saving, and we must do so until those disciples have persuaded others to be saved and made disciples out of them, until that third generation is then going out and making disciples!  Oh, there is so much to be done.  Please pray that the Lord grant us the privilege to continue on with this great work that He has commissioned us to. 

And please consider joining us in this effort. We've exhausted all funds just working to get the plans through and the building permit. It's a funny feeling to finally receive the green light to build, yet there's nothing in the bank to purchase materials.  Nevertheless, I stand firm on what I said to a friend of mine when the Lord first gave us vision for this place that is going to glow like a city in the night for all the people to see and glorify our Father in heaven: The Lord Will Provide. I believed the Lord when I said it in the back yard of our home in Yuma nearly 2 years ago. I believe the Lord now. He will bring Provision where He has given Vision, and I'm inviting you to be a part of what God is doing and is going to do...

If you are ready to say G O ! and help us take the next step,  we are inviting friends and Churches to help raise funds and/or to come down to help build, or to get a Team together to raise funds and come help build.  Please let me know if you are interested. We will be so grateful, God will be glorified, and His Kingdom will continue to be expanded in this part of the world as a result of your expression of Love.

Thank you. God Bless You. 

(P.S. - If you think this is a good cause, please 'Share' the facebook status or share the link to this webpage:  Thank You!!!

Pressing On With You,


Church Mexico

PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ  85349


Baptisms-29 September 2013

Posted by DBPower on October 15, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (74)

Greetings Friends!

There were five more people who decided to repent from their sins against a Holy God and surrender their lives to Jesus.

Each one of these folks learned about Christ and salvation and heaven and hell and some about the new and eternal life as a result of going through the Foundations for the Christian Life Bible study. The neat thing is, I didn’t teach either one of these groups – a few of the friends that we’ve been discipling taught the lessons in two other homes, and one of the ladies was able to teach her own daughter who decided to die to herself and live for Jesus! A mom winning her daughter to Christ – oh what joy there is in making disciples…

Thank you for your prayers and financial support that we might be effective and continue the work of the ministry the Lord has called us to in this part of the world. May the Lord Continue to Richly Bless You!!!

Pressing On,

The Power Family

PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349


The Church Is ALIVE!!!

Posted by DBPower on August 26, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (92)

The Church at San Luis went on Saturday with Curt Vanekeren, Kelly Vanekeren, Marta Iloff and Araceli Flores-Torres from CTC to hand out some new school shoes and tennies in Mexico to kids and adults who don't have funds to purchase new ones. The friends we've been ministering to here for over a year didn't only hand out shoes, but they prayed with hurting people, they shared the gospel message and told them about the love of Jesus, they gave away Bibles, they got to know the folks and invited them to their homes and to be part of their Church - it was so awesome to see and here them lovingly and sincerely and effectively minister to folks!

While I was away ministering in Yuma that evening, I called my wife and she told me that two of my friends from the Church were driving around in the van picking people up out of the rain and mud and taking them to the little room we have at the grounds where we're going to build the community center. That is, without asking or saying anything to the Pastor, they took it upon themselves to go out into the middle of the lightning storm to help and to bless others when everyone else was running for shelter!

Then, when I arrived back in Mexico, I found that my beautiful wife took some hamburgers over to a couple of single ladies who had lost their roof.  When I found her, Crispin and Usiel were there nailing plastic tarps back on the roof to keep there few belongings safe for the next round of storms while Iracela was inside talking with the ladies about Jesus - they were all there from 7pm until 1am until the job was finished!

God is doing great things in the lives and through the lives of the people who are the Church at San Luis!!!

Ever seen the sign, "Eat More Chicken!"

Posted by DBPower on June 29, 2013 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (83)

We had purchased many groceries over the last couple years to help folks who were hungry. Unfortunately, there are still many, many folks who go hungry, and there right here living across the street from us. After spending a good amount of money and realizing that the same folks were just hungry again a week or two later, I began to pray and ask the Lord for some wisdom - He does say in the book of James that if we lack wisdom, we should ask Him and He will freely give it to us as we trust He's listening and not going to lie about giving us wisdom when we ask.

So, the Lord revealed to me how we could take the same $125 that we used to buy 10 days of groceries with and invest that same money into Chickens. That's right, Chickens.  When I began to ask why Chickens, all of a sudden the verses about those who are faithful with little shall receive more, and about how the one who received 5 invested it and doubled what he had to receive and additional 5 more, and how the Master was well pleased with that servant.

I also remembered hearing someone say: "I'd rather teach a man some skills so that he can earn a living rather than give him a dime."  That obviously made me think about Ephesians 4 where the Lord inspired Paul to write that God gave to the Church Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers to "Equip" the saints for the work of the ministry, to the building up of the body of Christ. So, that is my job, "Equip" and "Build Up," to train and disciple, not to always provide and give.

When I shared this all with a small group of friends on Facebook, I had 5 generous friends respond all in less than 4 hours stating that they each wanted to send me a check for $125 to help get these chickens!  It was awesome. However, there was more to it for the families participating than just receive some chickens...

To help motivate and inspire folks who often lived day-to-day and never planned or saved or invested in the future (thus, they often went hungry), I wanted to offer a financial reward to the family who was able to not only keep the original 5 hens and 1 rooster alive, but also re-produce, or multiply, the quantity of chickens and roosters.  That is, I offered  $100 U.S. dollars to the family who had the most chickens and roosters after 6 months.

During this 6 month time period, I was able to teach a great deal about stewardship, about responsibility, about how the Lord causes the sun to shine and the rain to poor on the righteous and the unrighteous, about investing, about counting the cost, about denying the flesh today so that blessings would come later... ohh there was so much real-life good Biblical stuff that I was able to share with the Church at San Luis while they were raising their new little chickens.

Four out of the five families continue the process of raising chickens (one family didn't take care of them and what they had been given was taken away-they all died). It is a slow process, but there are lessons the families have learned that they are now applying to other areas of life. It is wonderful indeed, and the $125 invested has turned out to produce fruit in their lives 30, 60, perhaps even 100 fold.

Thank You to those of you who have invested in the work of the ministry here. Our mission is more than just words on a paper - it's real... Lives are being changed now, continually and Forever!!!

Pressing On With You,



Community Center Plans...

Posted by DBPower on May 25, 2013 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (96)

The Architect's Plans have been printed and we are ready to submit them to the City next week for the preliminary review. Once we acquire the building permit, much help is going to be needed - both financial and labor wise. We invite you to join with us as we continue to serve the Lord and make a difference in people's lives that lasts forever... 

Vision and Plan for Community Center

While providing basic necessities that the families have not been able to provide for themselves, we will share the gospel message, baptize believers, make disciples and teach them to obey what the Lord Jesus has commanded.

In addition to meeting basic needs, this location will also be used as a worship center and a base to equip the saints for the work of the ministry while attempting to model Biblical discipleship. People will come to this place to be trained and taught, and people will be sent out from this place throughout Mexico to proclaim and demonstrate Jesus’ Word, Love and Power so that multitudes of people’s lives will be changed forever. As a result, a New Testament Church planting initiative will be fulfilled as Churches plant Autonomous Churches to Extend the Kingdom of God. 

The following will be included as use for the Community Center:


~Air Conditioning for families in the Summer (120 degrees)

~Small Group Bible Studies (different types: Mixed Adults; Men; Women; Children)

~Public Showers for Community (reduce diseases from lack of personal hygiene)

~Worship Services and Preaching of the Gospel

~Outreach Events (medical clinics, Christmas spectacular, 40 Days of Faith)

~Playground for Kids & Athletic Area (none for miles - still need purchase of 2 adjacent lots)

~Storage for Materials and Vehicles (things get stolen/ruined regularly)

~Temporary Housing for Pastors, Missionaries, Bible School Students and Mission Teams

~Location for Community Events (many don't celebrate Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.)

~Distribution Point for: Backpacks, Emergency Food, Blankets, Shoes, School Supplies, Mission Balls...

~Free Drinking Water Distribution (h2o from faucet is often contaminated & cause children's illnesses)

~Location for Baptisms

~Classes: English, Cooking, Character, Financial Management, Marriage, Parenting, Hygiene, Guitar...

~Emergency Aid

~Whatever else the Lord might reveal to us that we haven't thought of yet...

Church Mexico

PO Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349


Operation Yessica Story & Update...

Posted by DBPower on April 28, 2013 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (67)

Yessica is one of the prettiest little girls you've ever seen.  We didn't notice anything was wrong with her until weeks after we met her and spent time at their home loving on and ministering to her family.  She's the only little girl in this home, with four other brothers running around, playing soccer, tag, wrestling, etc.  She was always sitting with her mom or hanging out close to the door, so it wasn't really possible to tell that anything was wrong.  However, after we built some trust with the family and everyone started feeling more comfortable with these foreigners coming around, the kids started to behave like they normally did when we weren't there - then, it wasn't difficult to notice there was a problem...


Yessica walked with a severe limp.  When she tried to run, she could never keep up with the boys, even her littlest brother who was only 3 at the time. We started asking questions in the most respectful and un-intimidating way we could, and learned that she has had this defect since her birth (Yessica is now 10).  The parents never had it checked out - they didn't have money for a doctor visit, and rarely wandered into town anyway - it was at least 10 miles away and they never had any transportation except for a couple bicycles. The whole family just accepted this was something they all had to live with.


Her mom says Yessica started complaining of pain in her leg on a regular basis during the school year of 2008-2009; she began staying home and not walking to school.  We realized something needed to be done.  Right about this time the Lord led us into a relationship with a City Councilwoman who also loves the Lord Jesus.  Not knowing the challenges, process or best location to go to, we enlisted her help and told her we are committed to seeing that Yessica gets taken care of.


The first Doctor visit revealed that Yessica's upper Femur had been disconnected from her hip and Pelvis probably all her life.  After we arranged for her to see an orthopedic surgeon, we were informed that the life-long wear of the Femur bone against the bottom of the hip cavity had dangerously worn the cavity to where it could no longer hold the Femur in place even if it was reset.  Instead, multiple reconstructive surgeries and years of time for healing and rehabilitation would be needed to fix Yessica's leg and hip.  This is why we started Operation Yessica.


Thanks be to God, after lots of time and many miles and many doctors and many prayers, the first surgery is scheduled for June 2, 2013.  If the surgeries are successful, it will ultimately reduce or remove her pain, and give her the ability to live a more normal life - the result of which means she will be able to marry, perhaps have children, run and exercise, continue with her education, gain employment whereas otherwise she may have not been able to do here...


Her life and her future is going to be drastically changed for the better. Thank you every one for your support over the years to us and towards the work of the ministry. It is so great to realize again how Awesome God is as He works through His people to accomplish His will on earth...  God Bless You!


Pressing On With You,


P.O. Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349

[email protected]



Further the Work of the Ministry...

Posted by DBPower on April 8, 2013 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (175)

Dear Friends,

I’ve been asked by three different friends over the last two weeks what we could use to further the work of the ministry here in this part of the world.  I think my honest response might have scared one or two of them, if not all three…

I didn’t think three times was a coincidence, so I felt prompted to share my response with you and with other friends expecting that some would respond in faith to help further this great work – this was my response:

We’re headed into the summer months, and the truth is I’m not looking forward to it.

The summer months here are very hard for everyone we know and so many others who we are still deliberately getting to know.  It’s not so bad for us when we’re inside our rental house because we have an air conditioner, a refrigerator with ice in it, clean drinking water, and almost always enough money to pay the electric bill. However, that is not the case with thousands of others amongst whom we live….

Along with lack of those basic things we often take for granted, there is less work available in the summer months. In many families, the husband is the only one that works – he does labor-intensive types of jobs that are fleeting. He gets paid less than ten dollars for working a 12-14 hour day, then goes home, gives the money to his wife, she and the kids go to the store and purchase food for that evening, and for brunch the following day.

Then, when tomorrow comes, they wait for dad to bring home the money so they can buy food for the next 24 hours (no electricity = no fridge = no perishable foods in the home). Anyway, if dad doesn’t find work, dad doesn’t bring home money, mom doesn’t buy food for that day. When this happens a few days in a row, the beans and rice and tortillas run out, and so they go beg or go without food until dad works another day.  This is a hard cycle, and we’re working just as hard to break it long-term while meeting immediate needs.

Also, by God’s grace and through generous supporters, we now own the property where we hope to soon start on the Community Center/Worship Center/Training Center. Our plan is to build on the spot where we’re now holding services, medical clinics, prayer meetings, Bible studies and playing soccer and volleyball with the kids that live in the Colonia. So, we’re looking forward and starting to get geared up for the work that will be done – not just the construction, but the work of the ministry that continues in the lives of so many people every day of every week.

As we look forward, the following is a list of things we could use to further the work of the ministry…

  • Cases of Bibles (there’s now a number of folks from Church regularly asking for Bibles to give to others their sharing the gospel with)
  • 4 new Tires for the van (going on 1st mission trip as a Church on April 18th and it’s about 8 hours one-way)
  • Tune-up for the van (has 115k miles now).
  • 4x4 Suburban, Excursion, Van or similar (some are getting tired of digging & pushing the van through sand)
  • New or in great working condition table saw for the construction of the Community & Worship Center
  • Larger capacity new or in great working condition air compressor.
  • Heavy-Duty Swing Set for the kids at the Community & Worship Center
  • Commercial size Ice-making Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • 5 Gallon water containers
  • Sign/Banner for Community Center
  • Stickers printed for water bottles (they read, “Jesus answered and said to her, "Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life." John 4:13-14 …in Spanish of course)
  • 500 Gallon water cistern
  • Wood door and Metal screen for the temporary kids room
  • Window air condition unit for the temporary kid’s room
  • Unusable propane tanks, all sizes (exchange for pesos)
  • New, used and no longer working Batteries from cars, boats, rv’s, and motorcycle’s (exchange for pesos)

Lastly, there are 2 lots adjacent to where we’re going to build the Community Center. I had ignored those lots as I make it a point not to ask God for too much. I have been informed on a number of occasions that I am limiting God and lacking in faith. In the same context, I have been asked on numerous occasions why we don’t purchase those 2 lots to put in a sports complex so the kids have a place here in the middle of the desert to play soccer, volleyball, other sports and other activities in a grassy area like we had dreamed. Well, I have lacked faith and am very hesitant to ask for too much – I am so humbled and grateful for all we have received. Nevertheless, I felt led to mention it here, yet I will trust in the Lord.

Thank you for your willingness to be led by the prompting and the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Please know, we are completely confident in God and His provision to fulfill His commission and His will through this ministry which He has entrusted to us.  Furthermore, we are forever grateful to you for your generous support and obedience to what God has called you to do on our behalf, and on behalf of all those whose lives that are being changed in Jesus’ name…

Pressing On With You,


P.O. Box 13582

San Luis, AZ 85349

[email protected]